Saturday, March 29, 2008

The GlassBeadFairy

My sister, Meagan, is a glass bead artist. She's even been featured on HGTV a couple of times. She makes some really awesome stuff. She just recently made some beads inspired by Horton Hears a Who. If you've seen the movie you'll know. I just thought they were so adorable. I always love to see what stuff she comes up with. Especially at the holidays. She can make some really adorable sculpture stuff for any holiday. It is amazing to me how she can take sticks of glass and a blow torch and turn them into such amazing works of art. Truly a talent!

Anyway, here are some pics of some of the adorable stuff she makes. Enjoy the eyecandy. Go check her out at Check out her freebies section for information on how you can be elgible for a freebie!

Gymboree Party

Today we went to a birthday party for one of Reagan's classmates. Reagan discovered classmate after classmate there and just shrieked with excitement. All except for one child that is. We'll call him "Reggie." Reggie showed up a little late and as soon as Reagan saw him she walked up to him and shook her finger at him. I was too far to hear the conversation and didn't think much of it. Later they were both close to me and as Reggie came up to her she wagged her finger and said, "no, no, no." Bill told me that kid is notorious for pushing kids down and that's why Reagan dislikes him. I'm glad to see she at least stands up to him and holds her own. It's sad that she sees him and immediately has feelings of distrust. It's amazing how early that can start.

Bailey's highlight of the day was sitting in a bumbo and looking at herself in the mirror.
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

The many faces of Reagan

I got my camera this morning and took some candid photos before Reagan left for school.

Here she is helping Bill water the herbs I bought last weekend and still haven't planted. See the dead flower boxes? Yeah, that is where they are supposed to go.

Is my new favorite toy.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Now That's Random

First I'll give an update on the sleep situation. There was no CIO last night. Reagan went down without any trouble. Hooray! She also slept until 7am which is the latest she has slept since she started having sleep trouble. I don't think that's a coincidence.

Well, last night I was up working until 2am and Bill had to get up to feed Bailey shortly after. She would only take 2.5 ounces at that feeding so at 5:30 it was my turn. At 7:00 when Reagan awoke, we were both exhausted. We brought her in our room and let her play while we desperately attempted to capture the last possible moment of sleep that we could.

I heard Reagan wheeling around her little red doll sized Radio Flyer wagon. I heard it wheel up to my side of the bed, but being so tired I kept my back to her and pretended to sleep. I then felt something on my back. Again, not quite registering or caring I let her continue to mess with me for a few minutes. I finally rolled over towards her and as I did, I realized what Reagan had been doing. She had loaded up her wagon with several objects and was strategically piling them on my back.

The items she unloaded on me were so random I just had to share:

The items are:

  • toy kitchen spatula
  • bathtub stopper (which she would have had to have climbed into the tub to get)
  • Learn N Groove maracca
  • princess rubber duckie that says "hot" on the bottom if the water is too hot
  • a froggie rattle that you strap on a baby's arm or wrist for torture
  • half a medicinal syringe
  • the bottom part of a spray bottle
  • ring to a stacking ring toy

I guess she's telling me it's time to clean our room.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Research on sleep disturbances and CIO

I've been asked to provide a few research links on sleeping problems in elementary aged children. That's only fair and I'm happy to oblige.

Here are a few links that give some sobering details on the problems of sleep with children. The first link also gives a lot of suggestions on overcoming sleep issues. It mentions that 10% of children from kindergarten through fourth grade are so greatly sleep deprived that they fall asleep in school.

The second link is a summary on a research paper entitled "Sleep Habits and Sleep Disturbance in Elementary School-Aged Children." You can order the entire publication online, but the link below summarizes the findings into one comact paragraph. Basically they identified 15% of children with bedtime resistance and 37% of children having significant sleep problems in at least one sleep domain.

For information on techniques on CIO, you can research "Ferber Method" or "modified Ferber method." Ferber is a pediatrician and the Director of the the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children's Hospital in Boston. He knows a thing or two about sleep problems. A lot of people will refer to CIO as "Ferber method" or "Ferberizing." I don't know if that just makes them feel better or what. I call it what it is. He gives you tips for when you go back in to comfort them and how to increase the amount of time you let them cry. We found that with Reagan it actually makes things worse to go in and comfort her after a period so we just have to let her ride it out.

I should mention that Ferber does condone starting at around 4-6 months. I personally think that is way too early. At that age they still need food and they still need comforting. They are still developing a bond and trust with you. They need to know that if they cry you will be there to respond and it is impossible to spoil a baby at that age. They don't cry because they are trying to manipulate you, they cry because they need something.

If you still need reasons to believe that a lack of sleep can be a problem, read on. Sleep deprived children are sick more often, more likely to be overweight, don't grow as tall, have more trouble learning and remembering, and are more likely to injure themselves from a lack of coordination and increased clumsiness.

Whew! I think I need a nap now.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CIO Day 4

5 minutes to sleep!

I am hoping we finished our last day of CIO and our good little sleeper is back. Of course the million dollar question now is, what time will she wake up in the morning?

I just want to take the time to address the cry it out topic. Not because I feel the need to defend myself; it's more because I feel the need to educate. It is a debated method that some would never do and some take a little too far. I'm certainly not a CIO expert, but I have learned a thing or two about it and it is a method that works for us when necessary. Not all kids respond to CIO. For them, parents have to find other methods. If you tried CIO for several nights and you don't see a decrease in the amount of time they are crying, or they get too worked up (some to the point of gagging and throwing up), then I think another method would be more suitable.

I should also mention that I don't take CIO lightly. I don't believe in using it on babies at all. Reagan didn't sleep through the night until 10 months and that was ok with us. As long as she still needed to eat during the night I was going to feed her. We only started using CIO on a limited basis when Reagan had demonstrated that she had the ability and desire to sleep through the night and would have a relapse. I don't know what caused her relapse this last time, usually it happened after she had been sick. If she is sick and needs attention, we go to her. We don't let her cry. But a few nights of that and when she is well again she can still wake up out of habit to get the attention. Then we would use CIO.

CIO works best when you do it as soon as the problem arises. In this case, we let the problem go on for two weeks before we did CIO. Had we have done it sooner, she maybe would have only cried for two nights instead of four. It is hard to say. But the longer something has been a habit, clearly the longer it will take to establish a new routine.

Some say it is inhumane to let a child cry. I have a different perspective. I think it is inhumane that a child at the age of seven is invited to her first sleepover but can't go because she can't fall asleep without mom or dad lying in bed beside her. I think it is inhumane that a child at the age of six still can't sleep through the night without crying for his parents to come coax him back to sleep. Certainly those are extreme cases, but ones I know exist. You might think they'll outgrow it. The truth is most do, but enough don't. I think of those cases and think about how much sleep every member of the family has missed out on. Sleep is critical for development and mental wellbeing. If you and/or the kids aren't sleeping, you are missing out on health benefits. And then of course there is the social aspect that comes into play when a school age child still can't sleep through the night. I do realize that some of those kids have disabilities that prevent them from doing otherwise. But a vast majority of kids that age with sleeping issues just simply never learned how to sleep.

Reagan is old enough now that training her to have good sleep habits is an appropriate response. She has the ability and the aptitude to comprehend what is expected of her. Kids like routines. They thrive on routines. Training her to go to sleep at night after her nightime routine is not any different than teaching her to brush her teeth every day or to take her medicine in the morning. If I need CIO for a few nights in order to establish a routine that will last years, so be it. I consider this "the ounce of prevention over the pound of cure."

Mystery bumps

Mystery bumps and rashes
Reagan's bumps are almost gone. I still don't have a foregone conclusion on what she had. I believe though she got a light outbreak of chicken pox from the vaccine. Hopefully it wasn't enough to be contagious.

Oddly enough though, today Bailey is sporting some small little bumps on her face. It is definitely turning into some kind of rash. What exactly she is developing, I'm not sure.

Reagan tidbit
Bailey was power puking again and this time I angled her to try to catch most of it in the sink as I was already standing there. That gave Reagan a full on view to the events. Reagan watched Bailey spew her bottle and then said, "Oh no! Made a mess! Made a mess!" Of course if anyone could identify a mess when she saw one, it would be the master creator herself.

Reagan has also taken to being a photographer. After grabbing my very expensive SLR (bad mommy for leaving it in reach) she picked up the camera, attempted to look through the flash, and said, "Say cheese mommy." When I reclaimed the camera from the all too unhappy tot she sobbed while reaching for my camera "my cheese, my cheese."

No CIO tonight either. Bill sat on the floor next to her bed and put his head on her bed rail while patting her back. Next thing he knew an hour had passed and he had a nice little nap. No telling how long it took her to fall asleep, but at least it was a cry free night. On the reverse though, she has now started waking up very early (5am instead of 7am). *sigh*

The picture is just a random picture of Reagan just because it makes me happy.

Oh, and another random comment, the chair is still vandalized. One of these days I am going to do an informal science experiment with all of the suggestions and let you know what worked.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a good Easter today. I have lots of pictures to share. We went over to our friends' house and had a great time. I am no longer a Wii virgin. If I had spare time and hobbies and stuff, I'd get a Wii. But I digress...In the morning, we dyed eggs with Reagan and in the afternoon she hunted for them.

Note to self: There appears to be a practical reason why everyone else on the planet uses those dollar store plastic filled eggs and not the real ones to hide.

As a side note, we know Bailey definitely still needs the $175/month Prevacid. She missed one dose and started power puking again. She puked up the next dose after that so she's had a rough few days. We hadn't been at our friends' house more than 15 minutes when Bailey power puked her four ounce bottle back up. In addition to covering the hardwoods, she covered herself and me. Of course I had a spare outfit for the puke princess. But did I have a spare outfit for me? Of course not. Some lessons I guess I simply refuse to learn. Even her daycare teachers have learned to keep spare clothes for themselves because of her. But not me. So I went all through Easter dinner and the afternoon covered in puke. I guess it was just another day after all. At least she missed my hair this time.
Here is Reagan dying and decorating the eggs

Here she is looking for her eggs and inspecting them

Reagan having a chat with Bailey.

Reagan hitting the milk a little hard
And here is the first time we actually had a family picture taken of all four of us. There was actually one photo where Bailey was looking at the camera and smiling. But the rest of us looked like first class goofballs. Since it's my blog I picked the picture where I looked the best.
And for those following along, no CIO tonight. I caved. I'm tired.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

CIO Day 3

23 minutes to sleep

Friday, March 21, 2008

CIO Day 2

25 minutes to sleep

We are moving in the right direction.

Here's the start of the story if you are just tuning in.

Chicken Pox? From the Vaccine?

Reagan finally got her chicken pox vaccine a few weeks ago. A few days ago the daycare called and suspected that Reagan had hives. Not having yet seen this mysterious rash, I called the pediatrician. She believed it was probably a breakout from the Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine she received rather than hives since I couldn't pinpoint anything new Reagan had eaten recently.

After suffering from allergies my entire life, I know a thing or two about hives. When Bill brought her home from daycare, I could see it was not hives at all. I spoke with the nurse and she told me that you could break out from the vaccine up to a month afterwards and that she was not contagious it is not the chicken pox, just a rash. She said just to watch it and give her Benadryl if needed.

It has been three days and Reagan has not once acknowledged the rash or scratched at it. So it doesn't seem to be itchy or bothersome. She isn't running a fever. But the rash covers her entire body. Even the palms of her hands and around her face is covered.

One thing to know about me is I am a huge researcher. I want all of the facts, all possible scenarios and options to anything. This is no exception. I began my research, and all of the official sites like CDC acknowledge that less than 4% may get a rash from the vaccine. But they clarify that it is only around the site area and is only 5-10 spots. Ok, Reagan has hundreds and hundreds of them over her entire body. There is no site reputable site that I've found that acknowledges it is even possible to have such a severe rash. But if I do a Google, I find all kinds of parents claiming that their kid got the actual chicken pox from the vaccine (their doctor confirmed it, blah, blah). I'm less inclined to believe them, but with absence of facts, it makes their case a little stronger.

So, I'm a little disturbed by the conflicting information. I certainly hope Reagan doesn't have an actual chicken pox outbreak. She could have potentially infected kids at her school and even worse Bailey or even Bill. Bill doesn't think he's ever had chicken pox. Uh, oh. That would really be bad.

So, who's had a similar experience with the chicken pox vaccine? I'm interested in knowing your stories with it. I've become a bit obsessed in my quest to understand what this rash is that has infected her from head to toe.
Here are a few pictures:

Sleeping woes

Only a few weeks into blogging and I am already talking about the subject that strikes almost every family with a toddler at some point: sleeping (or lack thereof).

Reagan has been a good sleeper for a long time. We transitioned her to a toddler bed in October so that we could have the crib for Bailey when she arrived. Reagan did great with the toddler bed. For months and months, when it was time for bed she would willingly walk up the stairs, Bill would get her in her pjs, and she would walk over to her bed and climb in and say "ni-night." There was no crying, no tantrums, just good old "ni-night."

I don't know where or how we started to go wrong, but a few weeks ago she started resisting going to bed. She would hop back out of bed after us and start crying and would stand at her gate until you came. As soon as she saw you she would stop crying and go back to bed. But try to leave, and the crying and standing at the gate would start again. We have tried every known method and plenty of our own improvisations to get her to go to sleep. Even once we got her to sleep she would wake back up and we'd start all over again. Two nights ago it was over two hours and after 10pm before she was finally asleep for the night. Despite all of our efforts things were getting worse, not better.

So, as the last ditch effort last night we did the dreaded "Cry it Out" or "CIO." This isn't a method I don't believe any parent uses lightly. Unfortunately, it seemed like our last option. So, Bill put her to bed, walked out, and the crying at the gate began. And it continued. And continued. And continued. Part of the reason we don't do CIO is because Reagan is often as stubborn or more so than her parents. I will usually cave long before she is out of stamina. But not last night. We let her cry and 1 hr and 15 minutes later the crying stopped. This was half the time it took her to get to bed the night before but far more gut wrenching for us.

About 15 minutes later we went and checked on her. Had I not have been 99% postive I would have woken the slumbering beast, I would have taken a picture of what we found. It was the cutest, most pitiful thing I ever saw. When we walked up to her room at the gate, all you could see was two little feet. When you looked further, you could see that the poor baby had fallen asleep sitting up and leaning against her laundry hamper that happened to be right near the door. This is astounding because other than in her car seat, Reagan has never fallen asleep sleeping up or outside of a bed. Bill picked her up, put her in bed, she cuddled one of her babies, and stayed asleep until morning. She actually woke up in a good mood this morning. Something that is a bit of a rarity.

So all of that to say, I hope we are going to get back on track again. I'm hoping she/we don't suffer through another hour of CIO but I remind myself that it was till half the time of putting her down without it. Keep your fingers crossed that the sleeping fairy sprinkles her with plenty of magic dust tonight so she goes down without so much trouble. I want my good sleeper back!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Misadventures in Potty Training

A common topic that comes up on my "mommy board" that I frequent is, "How do I know my toddler is ready for potty training?" Good question. Equally as important though, I can tell you when he/she is NOT ready for potty training.

1) When she does this

2) Or this

3) Or this

4) Or when you hear phrases coming from your husband like, "No Reagan, don't bite your potty seat." Or when you hear the phrase "I did it!" from your toddler but it simply means she was able to worm herself out of the seat after wearing it like a beauty contestant sash. (In her defense it really was an accomplishment to get herself out of the potty seat beauty contestant sash. I thought we might have to call the fire department on that one.)

To explain myself, yesterday I went shopping and took Reagan to get a "big girl potty." She is afraid of sitting on a regular toilet seat and I abhor cleaning poop out of the baby potty so it seemed like the way to go. Of all of the seats, she picked the Dora one. I guess Elmo is still leaving her a bit gun shy. I figured since she got to pick it she would be more likely to want to use it. She carried it all through the store and all the way home and up the stairs into the house. But wouldn't you know, as soon as she got to the top of the stairs she turned around and tossed the Dora potty back down the stairs and said, "no potty." Yeah, this isn't going to go well. I tried to show her the Dora potty sitting on the big potty and she wasn't having it. But she is happy to use it as her latest form of entertainment and point out all of the places Boots appears.
Yeah, my toddler is NOT ready for potty training.

Oh, and yes, her clothes are on backwards. She wears a uniform to school and one of the uniform options is these overalls. I always send her to school in them going the right way and they send her home with them on backwards. If they didn't she'd be naked all day and they seem to frown on that there. She can unbutton the straps quicker than houdini could escape from a locked chest so it's their only option.

And here is one more pic I took tonight that I'm posting just for the cuteness factor.

Thank Goodness the Weekend is Over. I Need Rest.

Weekends are supposed to be for resting and relaxing and recuperating from your busy work week. Sometimes I'd take the busy work week over my weekends, and this was one of those weekends.

I am now working on passing kidney stone gazillion and one (ok, it is really 11 or 12 since September- I lost count around mark 7). If you've never had a kidney stone, consider yourself lucky. Kidney stones are hands down the most pain I've ever dealt with. And just to quantify that statement I've had appendicitis and its removal, gallbladder attacks and its removal, two csections, migraines lasting weeks, broken bones, and pneumonia from a cracked rib. I'd take all of those at once over getting one more @$%#! kidney stone.

So I'm already pretty cranky and puney from dealing with my kidney stone. And with a newborn and a toddler you never get enough sleep. This weekend, Reagan decides she wants to be a cuddle bunny and high needs. She wanted constant attention. To the point that she was trying to hit Bailey and smack her bottle away because Bailey was in my lap and not her. Because of course, Bailey was being pretty high needs too and wasn't content anywhere but being held either. Usually Reagan doesn't want anything to do with cuddling and sitting in your lap for more than four seconds. But because Bailey was there, she wanted to be too and would cry and cry. Which of course, would get Bailey crying. So I'd have two screaming babies while I wanted to cry from my pain and the screaming made me want to bash my head in. Bill wanted to get some yardwork done so I took my cranky, whiney self and my two screaming babies and we went shopping. I had five shops on my list. I was home in two.

After my shopping fiasco I took the girls in the house and fed Bailey. Since Reagan wasn't getting attention she diverted herself to objects she knows she shouldn't be playing with. Like my ceramic cereal bowl I lazily left on the arm of the sofa. I had already told her once not to play with it. But like the mother of the year that I am, instead of removing the bowl and the temptation, I left it there. She decided to see how well gravity works with the cereal bowl and tossed it over the edge of the sofa. Of course it couldn't have just landed safely on the carpet and the lesson of gravity is learned once again. Oh no! She had to toss it at the precise point at which it would fall and smack on the floor lamp sitting near the sofa. That was so she could learn another principle again, "broken."

Yes, Reagan's path of destruction continued, this time with a broken cereal bowl. I heard the shatter and knew what had happened. Reagan looked at me and instead of the solemn "Uh oh, it's broken" that I expected, I heard glee and renewed fascination as she said, "Broken! It's broken!" She jumped down and went to check out her work and was absolutely giddy that she was able to turn one thing into 20 with hardly any effort. This is not a good turn of events.

Have I also mentioned that Reagan is a monkey? There isn't anything she can't get into, including the upper kitchen cabinets. Nothing is safe. She got into my purse sitting on the counter and found a purple pen. This time she limited her graffiti work to tribal body art scribbled all over her belly and arms before Bill caught her. But she had already had a shower that day so she wore her tribal art proudly the rest of the day.

Oh, and why had she already had a shower that day you ask? (Warning...this paragraph is not for the weak stomached) Well, let me tell you. Because Reagan really likes beans, any beans. But they don't seem to like her all that much. For dinner the night before I let her have a whole lot of baked beans and joked, "Hehe, daycare can deal with that diaper tomorrow." Oh wait. It is the weekend. Daycare doesn't deal with that diaper, I do. So while Reagan learns physics lessons on gravity and "broken", mommy learns karma- in the form of a diaper. Reagan didn't just have a nasty, poopy diaper. It wasn't just a little blowout. It was the blowout of epic proportions that had beans all the way up the back to the neck. How exactly does poop and beans get from the diaper all the way up to the neck? I am dumbfounded. Anyway, I gagged through getting her undressed and cleaned up and tossed her into the shower. She played in there for 30 minutes and would sing and shake her booty while getting her Saturday Night Fever dance moves on. It really was pretty cute and cheered me up some.

My house is also a wreck from this weekend. It was looking pretty good for a while and over the weekend we didn't do squat to clean it because Bill and I were both so ragged. Reagan can turn a clean room into one that looked like a tornado went through in less than five minutes. Speaking of tornadoes, we apparently had one go right through our neighborhood this weekend. It hit the street before and after us, and skipped us fortunately. We are all ok, but somehow the tornado got into my living room and kitchen. Think I can claim that on homeowners insurance?

This morning I woke up with a massive sore throat and laryngitis. It compliments the kidney stone well and just tops off my weekend nicely. Maybe I lost my voice from all the yelling I did, again karma.

I apologize for the cranky, disjointed, random post. I think it matches my mood appropriately though. I just have one question: Why aren't daycares open on weekends?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's Elmo- Bigger Than Life

Reagan likes Elmo. She likes to see him on the tv and on her little memory game cards. But let me emphasize the "little" in this case.

For Christmas two years ago I just had to buy Reagan the hottest toy on the list--The TMX Tickle Me Elmo. Thanks to Ebay and $45, he was all mine to give to my then six month old baby. I took him out of the box, started him up and Reagan stared for a few seconds. Then Elmo bent over in a laugh and landed in her lap while he was still flailing about with his high pitched crazy giggle. She screamed her head off until we got him off of her and turned him off. That was pretty much the end of my $45 and the life of TMX Tickle Me Elmo. He still sits on our shelf and once in a while she'll point and say, "Elmo." I say, "Do you want me to get Elmo for you?" And she gives an emphatic head shake and a stern, "No."

So yesterday, one of her classmates turned two. He had an Elmo themed birthday party. She was digging the Elmo plates and napkins. Then Elmo himself in lifesize walks through their door. Apparently, the parents thought it would be a brilliant idea to rent an Elmo dude to really impress the kids. And impress the kids he did, but not necessarily in a good way. The curriculum director at the school told Bill, "Reagan is the bravest, most fearless kid in the class. But when she saw Elmo she went running in terror." Reagan still won't touch the 18" Elmo sitting on our shelf. She sure as heck isn't going to have anything to do with a 7' Elmo. She and half the classmates stayed on the opposite end of the room the entire time Elmo was present. They cautiously watched him from afar while chomping down their Elmo shaped cookies on their Elmo plates and cheered only when he finally vacated their room he so rudely intruded upon.

So I guess the moral of the story is: if you are throwing a party for toddlers, save your money on the giant Barneys or the clowns (clowns still scare me at 34). Most kids are more terrified than they are impressed. By the time they outgrow the stage that they are terrified of Barney, they think he's dumb and for babies.

So to recap:
Elmo on napkins, plates, and balloons: good.
Elmo in seven foot character suits: bad.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Reagan is an Artist

Anyone need a blooming Picasso for their homes? Reagan will provide her artistic services on the cheap. A couple of cookies and a juice box ought to be payment enough for you to have a masterpiece like this in your home. Just leave your pen about after you make up your grocery list and she'll make short work of it. No worries.

Oh yeah, does anyone know how to get pen ink out of microsuede, please?

Reagan Got Her Ears Pierced-Again

No, I'm not double piercing her ears or moving into body piercing my toddler. Reagan had her ears pierced when she was four months old, basically after she got her second set of shots. Somehow, the hole on the backside of her ear got a little wonky. We kept her earring out for a month so it could heal a little and then had it pierced again so it wouldn't cause her problems later.

She actually knew what was about to happen. She was anxious as soon as we put her in the chair, despite my best efforts to distract her with a play cell phone with a puppy on it and a lip gloss case bearing a kitty (it's what was close in the store). When the lady took the purple pen to mark her ear, she tensed up and whimpered a little. Then the lady got the gun and did the piercing. She cried for about 20 seconds and said "boo boo" and signed hurt at her ear. I told her "all done" and she repeated "all done" and cheered. She did way better than the six year old that went in front of her and exhibited more drama than a tween losing tickets to a Hanna Montana concert. For the rest of the day on and off Reagan would sign hurt at her ear and say "boo boo." It's hard to say if it was still hurting her or if she was remembering the incident, but today she has been fine.

It's good to see her with two earrings again. Since I had to have her ear repierced you may be wondering if I am regretting her getting her ears pierced so young. No, no I'm not. I'll leave the debate about piercing babies' ears out of this and won't explain myself. Bailey will have hers done at four months as well. I'm sure Bailey will still be pierced, be dressed from head to toe in pink with a giant pansie or something on her head and still be called "sweet little BOY."

A Sunday Walk

We took advantage of the warm weather and went for a walk. Reagan at some point unbeknowngst to us, took off her jacket and chucked it out the wagon. Fortunately, some time later she throws her arms in the air and said, "Where's my jacket?" Well, it is a block back in the middle of the road where you left it. Ugh.

Bailey enjoyed her "walk." She didn't make a peep until the ride was over. I think her squawk at the end was code for "Again Daddy! Pull me again!"

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Do not leave your child in a high chair unattended, or this could happen to you.
That is all; you may now resume your regularly scheduled activities. Thank you, carry on.