Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tiny Parts- black and white newborn photos

One of the reasons I wanted to have this blog was to give me an place to share pictures. As of now, most photos go to the hard drive of death to die a quiet, dusty death. Bill bought me an awesome digital SLR (Nikon D80) for my birthday last year and photography has become a bit of a hobby for me. I'm really enjoying taking the pictures, I haven't even taken the girls to get professional photos since I've gotten the camera. I'm really loving the results of the pictures and the quality you get with a nice camera. Maybe one day I'll even graduate off of the auto setting. One of the things I love about newborn babies is all of their cute little baby parts. I tried to capture them so I can look back and remember how tiny and precious Bailey was.


LauraC said...

Who cares about changing settings when the photos turn out like that? Great!

I have a link on my blog to Shutter Sisters, a photography blog done by a bunch of women. Gorgeous pics and great inspiration.

I've been playing around with f stops and got some nice outdoor shots:


Lynn Donald said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures, Bridget!! The girls are SSOOOO cute!!

megan said...

AWESOME PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! they look professional! i'm so happy you have this blog, now i can peak into your life and see a little of what's going on :)
oh, and yep...sisters are like crabgrass sometimes, but they are also like the tulips that pop up unexpected in the spring. they're bright and beautiful and make you happy!