Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy 43rd Skip and Marlene!

Our friends Skip and Marlene celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary last week. Skip and Marlene are pretty special to us because although the girls have lots of grandparents that love them, they don't have any grandparents that they get to see on any sort of frequency. Reagan has seen Skip and Marlene pretty much every week since she's been born as we would all meet for trivia night every Wednesday night. So Skip and Marlene have been the girls' "adopted" grandparents and Reagan just adores them.

We joined them and their son, Dave, and his girlfriend, Lori, for habachi to celebrate Skip and Marlene's anniversary. Reagan hadn't been in a little while and was pretty intimidated but fascinated with the fire. She'd cry and then cheer. She loves Japanese food though and had a great time eating off of Bill and my plates. Bailey of course, slept pretty much the entire time and decided to skip the entertainment and food.

The highlight (or lowlight) of the night was when the hibachi chef was showing off an egg trick and instead of an egg safely landing in his hat, it flew directly into the lap of poor unsuspecting Lori. Of course the egg cracked as it landed and she was covered in egg. I don't think that was how the chef had planned to scramble it. Fortunately, she had a shirt on that hid it pretty well and she was a pretty good sport about it. And hey, she got some free green tea ice cream out of it (I'm sure the dry cleaning bill was more than the ice cream, but that's not the point here).

Here are some pictures from the night. The first few I took of the girls before we left the house.

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MrsMoma said...

How cute!! I love their coordinating outfits!