Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a good Easter today. I have lots of pictures to share. We went over to our friends' house and had a great time. I am no longer a Wii virgin. If I had spare time and hobbies and stuff, I'd get a Wii. But I digress...In the morning, we dyed eggs with Reagan and in the afternoon she hunted for them.

Note to self: There appears to be a practical reason why everyone else on the planet uses those dollar store plastic filled eggs and not the real ones to hide.

As a side note, we know Bailey definitely still needs the $175/month Prevacid. She missed one dose and started power puking again. She puked up the next dose after that so she's had a rough few days. We hadn't been at our friends' house more than 15 minutes when Bailey power puked her four ounce bottle back up. In addition to covering the hardwoods, she covered herself and me. Of course I had a spare outfit for the puke princess. But did I have a spare outfit for me? Of course not. Some lessons I guess I simply refuse to learn. Even her daycare teachers have learned to keep spare clothes for themselves because of her. But not me. So I went all through Easter dinner and the afternoon covered in puke. I guess it was just another day after all. At least she missed my hair this time.
Here is Reagan dying and decorating the eggs

Here she is looking for her eggs and inspecting them

Reagan having a chat with Bailey.

Reagan hitting the milk a little hard
And here is the first time we actually had a family picture taken of all four of us. There was actually one photo where Bailey was looking at the camera and smiling. But the rest of us looked like first class goofballs. Since it's my blog I picked the picture where I looked the best.
And for those following along, no CIO tonight. I caved. I'm tired.


Joanna said...

Bridget - LOL about the plastic dollar store eggs! Why do we always have to learn leassons the hard way?

MrsMoma said...

AW! Those are so cute. I love her pink bunny ears! The pic of all 4 of yall is great. It shows the real world, both girls looking away from the camera. Hehe!

I hear ya on the eggs. Everytime Cami found one we heard *crack* when she threw them into her basket. Haha!

LauraC said...

Great family photo! I can't even tell you what we go through to get both boys looking at the camera.

Also, Nate's been doing the same thing with crying at the door at bedtime for the last couple of weeks. We tried CIO and it never got better, he just stood there saying Mommy mommmy for hours every night.

I finally gave him (and Alex) stuffed cats that are very important kitty cats. Kitty cats get their teeth brushed, take their vitamin, and then LAY DOWN with the boys. Kitty cat lay down, Nate lay down, no more crying just like that. It's been a week now and seems to have worked. of course as soon as I type this, you know tomorrow he'll cry again.

(PS. Alex went through this phase 3 months ago!)

JenFen said...

You go girl - I love that you choose the pic that you looked best in although in the end it is a VERY good pic of all 4 of you. Taking family photos with an infant and a toddler is very hard. I have to ask - how did you get your eggs colors to turn out so bold and vibrant? Love them! Love the pink ears too!