Monday, March 10, 2008

Reagan Got Her Ears Pierced-Again

No, I'm not double piercing her ears or moving into body piercing my toddler. Reagan had her ears pierced when she was four months old, basically after she got her second set of shots. Somehow, the hole on the backside of her ear got a little wonky. We kept her earring out for a month so it could heal a little and then had it pierced again so it wouldn't cause her problems later.

She actually knew what was about to happen. She was anxious as soon as we put her in the chair, despite my best efforts to distract her with a play cell phone with a puppy on it and a lip gloss case bearing a kitty (it's what was close in the store). When the lady took the purple pen to mark her ear, she tensed up and whimpered a little. Then the lady got the gun and did the piercing. She cried for about 20 seconds and said "boo boo" and signed hurt at her ear. I told her "all done" and she repeated "all done" and cheered. She did way better than the six year old that went in front of her and exhibited more drama than a tween losing tickets to a Hanna Montana concert. For the rest of the day on and off Reagan would sign hurt at her ear and say "boo boo." It's hard to say if it was still hurting her or if she was remembering the incident, but today she has been fine.

It's good to see her with two earrings again. Since I had to have her ear repierced you may be wondering if I am regretting her getting her ears pierced so young. No, no I'm not. I'll leave the debate about piercing babies' ears out of this and won't explain myself. Bailey will have hers done at four months as well. I'm sure Bailey will still be pierced, be dressed from head to toe in pink with a giant pansie or something on her head and still be called "sweet little BOY."

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Fullerton Family said...

Oh man, we had to do that w/ JACI! Oh, it was awful, the lady who did it was completly incompetent! Poor things! But it sounds like she was pretty brave!!