Monday, March 10, 2008

A Sunday Walk

We took advantage of the warm weather and went for a walk. Reagan at some point unbeknowngst to us, took off her jacket and chucked it out the wagon. Fortunately, some time later she throws her arms in the air and said, "Where's my jacket?" Well, it is a block back in the middle of the road where you left it. Ugh.

Bailey enjoyed her "walk." She didn't make a peep until the ride was over. I think her squawk at the end was code for "Again Daddy! Pull me again!"


cmscrapmom4 said...

I LOVE the wagon with the trailer. How cute!! The boys have taken to driving their John Deere tractor around the block. At least I get exercise keeping up!!

Lynnskds5 said...

I am SOO proud of you and Tara for doing this! Great writing skills! You must get it from your mother! Yea, right!
The wagon looks GREAT!!
The chair does NOT!!