Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bailey Turns Two Months Old

Bailey turned two months old on February 24. We had her two month checkup on March 4. Here are Bailey's stats to date:

Weight 5lbs 15oz (3%), Height 18" (3%), Head 12 3/4" (3%)

One month:
Weight 7lbs 12oz (10%), Height 19 3/4 " (10%), Head 13 1/2" (3%)

Two month:
Weight 9lbs 9oz (10%), Height 22" (25%), Head 14 1/4" (3%)

For her acid reflux, they upped her Zantac to 1.5ml twice a day and to continue on the 15mg of Prevacid daily. For everything else, she seems to do fine. She had hit all of the milestones they asked about, but that's not saying much: Does she grab for your hair or other objects, does she hold her head up while on your chest, does she track with her eyes. She got four shots and an oral rotovirus dosage (which Reagan never got, wonder why?). She didn't really run a fever and the only side effect seemed to be that she slept even more the next day (how is that possible?).

We also took Reagan with us to finally get her chicken pox vaccine. It had been back ordered for quite a while and so she was behind in getting it. Reagan cried for about 10 seconds and then said "all done" and clapped for herself. She did great this time! The pediatrician put her on Singulair to try to clear up her nose. She's had an ongoing sinus infection since December despite having her second set of tubes put in in January and her adenoids removed at the same time and two rounds of Omnicef. Her ears are doing great at least!

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cmscrapmom4 said...

The rhotovirus vaccine was taken off the shelf for a while. Savannah got it and none of the other kids did. I guess lots of kids had worse reactions to the vaccine than they did to the virus. However,I've known lots of kids to be in the hospital from the virus. Anyway, I guess they've worked out the bugs and the kids under one year old get the vaccine now...