Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nature or Nurture?

If you are still wondering the age old debate of nature vs. nurture. I can answer the question for you. Just look at my two children. It's amazing how quickly you can see personalities emerging in babies. Reagan and Bailey are already proving to be as different as night and day, despite being raised in the same way.

Reagan has been determined, headstrong, and in a hurry to meet every milestone way too early since the day she was born. I love her dearly, but she has been one of the highest maintenance babies I've ever seen. She is always wanting to be entertained and always wants to learn new things. She is in to everything, sees the word "no" as a general guidline, is an expert problem solver, and loves to take apart things to see how they work (or used to work before her disassembly job). Here is Reagan at just two months old:

Quite frankly, if it wasn't for digital photo dating, I wouldn't have believed this was Reagan at just two months. Look how strong she is on her legs and how steady with just a hand at her back to keep her from falling over. She looks like she's ready to walk to the camera and start taking pictures herself.
Now let's talk about Bailey. Bailey is one of the most laid back babies I've even seen. She's actually on two different medications for pretty bad acid reflux, but you wouldn't know it. She never cries and she's happy being the observer. Here is Bailey at the same age as Reagan was in the picture above:
Bailey looks like she is saying, "I'm good here. I'm just going to chill a while. Why don't you come back in a bit and give me a bottle. I'm busy people watching."
Bailey has no interest in standing or lifting her head at tummy time or reaching for a toy. She is a happy baby. She smiles all the time. She'll do things on her own time. Right now she's simply content with life. Frankly, I'm quite grateful to get Bailey the second time around. I'm not sure I could handle the work of two Reagans. I believe that Bailey will be a child that will actually respond to the word "no." I'm certain that as she gets older most of the trouble she will get into will be a direct result of Reagan putting her up to something.
I love both of my children with all my heart and love them in very different ways. I'm just continually in awe though over how much of their personality they are born with and am excited to see them develop in their own ways.
Nature or nurture? Definitely nature.


LauraC said...

As a mother of twins, I've been watching the whole nurture versus nature debate since the boys were born. So far, nature has won about 99% of the time.

I don't think I could take two Nate newborns, but I don't think I could take two Alex toddlers.

Beth said...

Great post Bridget! I can't wait to see how my two will be different. William was my high-maintenance baby, so I'm hoping baby2 will be my laid-back sleeper! With my luck, I'll get two high-maintenance. LOL!

MrsMoma said...

Those are possibly the cutest 2 pictures ever! LOL!! And that is amazing how different two babies can be (esp when they look so similar) You've given me hope that my next will be more calm :)

Fullerton Family said...

Wow, my two girls are just like yours! Kami is and always has been super high maintenance, and Jaci is just as layed back and as happy as can be! I just love it!