Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reagan Displays Her Sense of Humor

The development of humor in children is a curious thing. It has been very fun to watch this part of Reagan emerge. Reagan has clearly passed from laughing because someone else was laughing and rather laugh because she thinks something is funny.

But what is funny to a toddler? At their earliest stages they find humor in us making silly faces or doing something out of the ordinary. And they show their humor by repeating the faces back. Later, as they begin to understand objects and their use of them, they get enjoyment out of objects being used for an unintended purpose. For example, Reagan knows socks and knows that socks go on her feet. But she thinks it is hysterical to put the socks on her hands instead and wear them as gloves. Or she'll take a basket and wear it as a hat. This is all fun typical toddler behavior that gives me joy to watch and play along with her.

Yesterday, Reagan showed that she has an even more complex understanding of humor. She was able to create her own "bait and switch" scenario. As we were eating dinner, she got bored (naturally). She started saying, "boo boo, boo boo." Meaning I'm hurt, give me a kiss where it hurts. Bill said, "Where's your boo boo?" Reagan thought a minute and started looking up and down her arms and hands for the boo boo. She finally decided on a random spot on her hand and put it forward to be kissed. But as Bill leaned forward to kiss her hand, she quickly reached out and instead honked his nose and then giggled her fanny off. She then proceeded to play her little "trick" a few more times and Bill of course willingly obliged.

It's a small little comedy routine that understandably, probably only seems impressive to her mother. But to me it just shows how much she is really learning and applying what she learns. She's played jokes before, but they've been imitations of what people have played on her. For example she'll hold out her hand for you to "give her five" and quickly pull it away so that you miss her hand. But she's seen that done before and knows it is funny. What she did yesterday was entirely her own thinking.

I wonder what is next for our budding comedian. Hopefully she won't start with the "stuffing things in the toilet is funny" humor. I'd be ok if we skip that phase all together.


Fullerton Family said...

That is so cute! I love her little "trick"!

cmscrapmom4 said...

And who said it was weird that we had conversations about not putting buckets on your head?????

Mama Mia said...

I have a pic of B doing the EXACT same thing! TOO FUNNY