Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mystery bumps

Mystery bumps and rashes
Reagan's bumps are almost gone. I still don't have a foregone conclusion on what she had. I believe though she got a light outbreak of chicken pox from the vaccine. Hopefully it wasn't enough to be contagious.

Oddly enough though, today Bailey is sporting some small little bumps on her face. It is definitely turning into some kind of rash. What exactly she is developing, I'm not sure.

Reagan tidbit
Bailey was power puking again and this time I angled her to try to catch most of it in the sink as I was already standing there. That gave Reagan a full on view to the events. Reagan watched Bailey spew her bottle and then said, "Oh no! Made a mess! Made a mess!" Of course if anyone could identify a mess when she saw one, it would be the master creator herself.

Reagan has also taken to being a photographer. After grabbing my very expensive SLR (bad mommy for leaving it in reach) she picked up the camera, attempted to look through the flash, and said, "Say cheese mommy." When I reclaimed the camera from the all too unhappy tot she sobbed while reaching for my camera "my cheese, my cheese."

No CIO tonight either. Bill sat on the floor next to her bed and put his head on her bed rail while patting her back. Next thing he knew an hour had passed and he had a nice little nap. No telling how long it took her to fall asleep, but at least it was a cry free night. On the reverse though, she has now started waking up very early (5am instead of 7am). *sigh*

The picture is just a random picture of Reagan just because it makes me happy.

Oh, and another random comment, the chair is still vandalized. One of these days I am going to do an informal science experiment with all of the suggestions and let you know what worked.

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