Monday, April 7, 2008

Reagan gets a haircut

I have a lot to catch up on but with family here and a dead laptop, I'm just going to start with recent info and work backwards.

Reagan got a haircut today. It was her first haircut since she turned a year old. I was trying to let her bangs grow out but she is so bad about yanking out her hairbows or pigtails and it would end up in her face all the time. So I gave in and decided to go ahead and give her bangs.

Reagan's school has a little barbershop in it. You just sign up for an appointment time and what you want done and when it is time they get your kid and plunk them in the chair. It makes things pretty convenient and I have no excuse for the mess of a head of hair she's been sporting lately. When I came to pick her up today they told me when they first put her in the chair she screamed her head off. She was screaming so loudly one of the directors heard her from his office and ran to see what was wrong. Turns out it was just Reagan pitching a fit in the chair. I'm wondering if she was having flash backs from the recent ear piercing. The chair does have the same feel to it.

So after watching Reagan pitch a royal fit, the hair stylist then tells her, "It's ok. We are just going to make your hair pretty." The stylist then gets the brush and water bottle and starts on Reagan's hair. Reagan immediately perked up and started smiling and laughing and asking for hairbows. It was like she was thinking, "Oh, this is for hair? Why didn't you say so? I love a good hairstyle. My mom is always dorking it up. Surely you can do better."

Here is the little barbershop in her school...

I plunked Reagan in the chair when I went to pick her up so I could get some photos. She wasn't too excited to reinact the moment. Notice the snazzy new Converse All-Star hightops. They have pigs and cherries on them. These are the only shoes on the planet she can't remove so the daycare begged us to send her in more of these shoes. This request was heightened after Friday's incident where she burried her shoes and socks in the sandpit and the teachers spent 30 minutes digging them out. I'm now on a constant search for fun patterns of these shoes. Baby's still gotta have some funk and style even when wearing a uniform!

Still a crank...

And this picture I had to throw in. Bill is out of town for the next few days. Reagan is a total Daddy's girl. Tonight she asked for him about 50 times and here she is looking out the window looking for her Daddy.

I'm sorry, baby. I miss Daddy too!


Anonymous said...

Love the bangs! And what a cute barber shop they have at the school - very clever idea. All they need is a salon for mani/pedis ;)

JenFen said...

You are making me waiver. I had just decided to go through the process of letting Jadyn's bangs grow out and then your post reminded me of how hard it is going to be to keep her hair out of her face. It's just bangs need to be trimmed so often. At least with Reagan you can just schedule regular trims at school. That is TOO cute!

Fullerton Family said...

Aw, how sweet, a little daddy's girl! That last pic is adorable!

MrsMoma said...

That is such a neat little barber shop!! I love the bangs! Cami looks much better w/ them.

And OMG that last pic is precious!