Thursday, April 24, 2008

I think the bottles are multiplying

There is nothing I despise more than washing then remaking bottles. It is a never ending task. Seven bottles a day, seven days a week for a year. That comes to 2,555 bottles washed, dried, put away, reassembled, and filled with milk in one year. Part of the reason I despise doing the bottles is because it is the only mandatory thing we really must do every day.

I mean, think about it. If you don't do a load of laundry, eventually you run out of clothes. Is that the end of the world? Nah, you can always recycle and claim the stain on the front of your kids shirt occurred in the car on the way to school.

You didn't take the trash out at night. Will that bring things to a standstill? Your kitchen may be filled with the not so fresh aroma from the diaper stuffed in the trash that is filled with the black beans you regret giving your two year old the day before, but you've smelled worse. You'll just open a window.

You didn't make up your bed. Big flippin deal. No one is going to see your bed and you'll just mess it up again tonight anyway. The way you see it, you are just saving a step for tonight.

You didn't wash dishes. That's what that stack of paper plates in the pantry is for.

You didn't go to the grocery store. Well, that works ok since you don't have any clean dishes to cook or clean off of. Which to do tonight--Chinese or Mexican? You quickly decide on Mexican since there are no frozen margaritas with the cute salt rim at the Chinese restaurant.

You didn't mow the grass. You'll just pile the Homeowners Association love note with the others and call someone to come mow it in the morning.

The kids didn't get a bath. You'll just throw them in the swimming pool tomorrow. That should knock off some of the dirt while they get out some energy. Heck, you might even try to get some sun so that people stop screaming of horror when you wear shorts and your legs seem to be a radioactive shade of white.

You didn't dust. Have you ever dusted? Why did I even put this on the list?

You didn't do the ironing. You mother ironed. You aren't even sure where your iron is.

Seriously, I went through every "chore" that we could possibly have to do in a household and the only one that is a "you must do" is making a bottle. Everything else is just a "nice to have." But bottles, you have to have clean bottles, prepared bottles or your baby goes hungry or sick. This is a non negotiable task. This must be done at all costs. Anything else can wait.


LauraC said...

Now you know why we transitioned the boys out of bottles THE DAY they turned one!!! 16-20 bottles a day for a year!!! And those stupid m-f Dr Brown's bottles with all their pieces that were the only bottle Nate could handle with his reflux... oh I do not miss those days.

When we said good-bye to bottles, I made a pyramid of them all and tooks pics. I'll have to dig those pics up for my blog.

Anonymous said...

Laura - I couldn't wait for Matthew not to need those Dr. Brown's bottles...ugh!!!!

Bridget - My version of your "bottle anst" is making 2 lunches every morning (and DH's the night before). Neither boy has an option to buy at school (and soon camp which requires 2 brown bags with snack!), so that means having to pack both lunchboxes everyday and of course making sure you have lunch, snack and drinks to pack. Let me tell you now that those lunches are not too creative!!

Cristie said...

I don't miss bottles at all. Although I am even starting to resent all the sippy cups! Oh crap, I just realized whenever we have kid #2 I'll be dealing with all those bottles again PLUS all the sippy cups. Great. My kitchen, once full of nice crystal and entertaining pieces, has been overtaken by plastic baby stuff.

Joanna said...

Avent bottles are easier to clean than Avent "Miracle" sippy cups. Guess which one were are still using at 23 months?

MrsMoma said...

Oh goodness, you have loads of bottles. LOL! I hated washing bottles constantly too and I dread that task coming back so soon!

Rcj176 said...

I love it! LOL Brings back memories of bottle "duty" when the kids were little! Have a great week!

Mama Mia said...

Perhaps Reagan is old enough for some chores...and washing bottles would be a good one..just kidding!
I disliked washing them very much too...

Lynnskds5 said...

Isn't that what dishwashers are for? They never hurt you guys. Just least you have the option of a dishwasher. Something I never had when YOU were little. LOL!!