Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hanging with the cousins

My sister's three of four children (yes, that is a correct total number- I know, I know!) are here with us this week along with my mom. The kids have spring break, my sister doesn't, so my mom agreed to watch the kids...by bringing them here...to my house. Did I mention there were THREE of them?
I work from home so I holed myself up in the only room in the house that seemed to somewhat escape the shrieks of three elementary aged children- my bedroom while the kids entertained themselves for a while.We had a freezer delivered yesterday and that box made for a great play fort today. Here is Shelby putting her artistic touch on the walls and moving her stuff in.

And no clubhouse would be complete without a sign. Here is Shelby's special sign.

In case you can't read her sign, it says "No boys allowed unless Shelby says." Poor Bill, being the only boy in a house of girls I can't help but think this isn't the only time he'll see a sign like this. Oh, wait...I just used one last week. Nevermind.
We let the kids play in the hot tub after dinner. We aren't heating the pool yet so we just had the hot tub (aka "kiddie pool" to them, I'll leave out what Bill and I call it *blush*) set fairly low. Reagan decided it was too cold and stayed in about a minute. She had a better time throwing the beach balls around.

Good to see my $90 scuba mask is going to good use...

We had a couple of daring, thirsty birds join us.

Just before bedtime the kids decided to read Reagan a story.

Most definitely no need for CIO tonight, but Reagan has been great every night anyway. Reagan was so worn out she carried herself to bed, crawled in, and passed out. I don't think she has even so much as twitched since she collapsed in bed. I think I'll go do the same. Oh wait, there's bottles to wash and assemble. Crud.
But at least my mom is here to help. My mom agreed to take Bailey on the night shift last night. Bill and I were so excited because she's still getting up two times during the night and we haven't had a good night's sleep since before she was born. Bailey went down at 10pm and my mom slept in Bailey's room so that she'd be right there when Bailey woke up. Bill and I did have a good night's sleep, it just wasn't long enough. When Reagan woke up at 6am this morning I took her downstairs to get milk and there was my mom heating a bottle for Bailey. I asked, "How did she do last night?" My mom said, "Great! This is the first time she's been up."

Can I get a big ol' WTF y'all? Bailey never sleeps more than four hours and then my mom takes her and she sleeps eight? What karma am I reaping now?


Beth said...

WTF Bridget????? That is so not fair. Maybe Bailey's turning a corner? Or maybe your visitors wore her out too? Wouldn't it be great if she kept it up?

Lindsay said...

Dude, that's always how it goes, isn't it? JTC wakes up at 6:45-ish every morning. EVERY morning. If he sleeps over at my SIL's, it's usually more like 8:30.

JenFen said...

Maybe Bailey slept the extra hours so your mom would be more willing to take the night shift again, hence giving you more sleep for additional nights. Just a thought. Looks like such a fun busy day for all. If you work from home why are you not over on the WAHM board with me and Jill? LOL! Very cute pics of Reagan with the beach ball and your niece with cardboard fort. Hope you continue to have a nice visit.

JenFen said...

Oh and I cannot leave Angela out either - she is on the WAHM board and Blogger too!

Joanna said...

LOL! Bailey really knows how to wok her grandma! I must say, I'm dying to learn what you and dh call the hot tub.

Karen said...

That's always how it is! If we have to get up for work, they want to sleep late but if we can sleep late, they want to get up early.

glassbeadfairy said...

eeewwww, i DON'T want to know what you call it ~ i'm never getting in that hot tub again!