Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reagan tidbits

"Catch it!"
Reagan has a new favorite game. She likes to throw things at you and yell, "Catch it! Catch it, Mommy!" It would be a cute game if she stuck to throwing balls and stuffed animals, preferably when I have my hands free. Instead, she usually chooses to play this game while I have my hands full feeding Bailey and I am dodging and blocking board books, puzzles, remotes, and anything else handy. She has tossed the Bumbo my way and has even tried to chuck my laptop towards me. Hmmm, that might explain why the laptop is dead now. I wonder how many other times she's tried laptop toss?

"Pajamas? I don't see any pajamas."
Last week when all of Reagan's cousins were here Reagan was too busy playing and didn't want to go to bed. I told Reagan it was time for ni-night and asked her where her pajamas were. Noticing that her pajamas were on the floor just in front of her, she ran over and picked up the pajamas and as quickly as she could sat back down while sitting on her pajamas. It was as though she figured if she didn't have any pajamas she couldn't go to bed. I asked her again where her pajamas were and she didn't say a word or break a smile. She just reached back and readjusted her pajamas to ensure no bits were sticking out from under her bum. Note to self, Reagan already has a much better poker face than I do. I'm going to have to watch that when she's a teenager.

"What happened?"
Most kids at this age have a favorite phrase, "What is this?" They begin to understand that everything has a name and they want to know what that name is. It is cute to see them understand a new label for an object and as they do, their vocabulary exponentially expands. Reagan though, has a different favorite phrase. She isn't content in just knowing that a flat surface with four legs is a table or that a furry thing that meows is a cat. She very inquisitive and wants to know how that table or cat fits into her environment and interacts with things around her. As a result, her favorite phrase is, "What happened?" She probably asks this two dozen times a day. For example, during my ill fated trip to the grocery store the other day, when the Cheerios came crashing down she said, "Oh, what happened?" My response, "Gravity and a two year old. That's what happened."

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Joanna said...

I must confess that I've started resorting to Calvin and Hobbes responses on some of the "What happened" questions. I'm sure that will get me in trouble one of these days.