Sunday, April 13, 2008

Duckies need oral hygiene too

Reagan was in the shower today brushing her teeth (yes we are one of those multi-tasking families that brushes teeth in the shower). She has two rubber duckies she keeps in the shower. Once she finished brushing her teeth, she lined the duckies up in front of her and took her tooth brush and then began brushing their teeth (or bills, really).

Once she finished brushing their "teeth" she laid them on their sides and said, "ni-night duckies." Only one duckie is more like a weeble wooble and kept popping back up. She would immediately lay the duckie back down and say, "ni-night" with increasing authority and impatience. She finally yelled, "No duckie! You go ni-night now!" and with that she sat down, swung her leg on top of the duck and held the duck down underneath her with the precision of a professional wrestler. She grinned at me and seemed pretty proud of her clever problem solving technique.

I swear she didn't get those parenting moves from Bill or me.

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Angela said...

Too cute!! G has also been brushing bath toys' teeth--his nemo and dorie!

And i love the "offering" in the more recent post!