Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring photo fun

We've spent the last two weekends working in the yard. Here are a few pictures I've taken to confirm spring is actually here.

As a side note, I need to work on a template that allows my pictures to be a little bigger in the blog entry. A lot of the quality of the pictures is lost when they become so tiny. Click on some of these pictures to get the full effect. I love my camera!

Here is Bill spreading the mulch around the flowers I selected and partially planted around the mailbox. I like to think I'm pretty good at decorating an interior. But when it comes to exteriors I am clueless. This was actually my first attempt at designing and planting something. I wanted to add a lot more flowers. Bill tells me I already completely over planted and in three weeks I'll have to start pulling stuff out of there. I do have to confess I also planted some seeds in there, but I don't think he's right. I'm going to take another picture in three weeks and compare so I can prove it. He has planted a thing or two before and I haven't, and I still think I'm right. I'm not sure what that says about me but I think I've over shared. Go to the next picture and forget what I just said.

Reagan helped plant too. Mostly she kept busy picking rocks out of the bed and dumping them in the wheelbarrow. Digging up the dirt and piling it outside the bed and on the driveway was also a hit.

Pretty tulips. Looks cooler (in my mind) if you click on the picture so that you can see it bigger.

Classic azaleas in bloom.


glassbeadfairy said...

the azaleas are gorgeous! i do NOT think you overplanted that bed around the mailbox! There's plenty of room for more :)

Anonymous said...
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MrsMoma said...

Oh I love your pics! Tulips are my FAV!! We didn't get to plant any though :( I'll just marvel at yalls!

Anonymous said...

Georgia is sooo beautiful in the spring!!
Great job! Love daddy's little helper!! :-)


Fullerton Family said...

Ahhhh, so pretty!! I really want to plant some flowers, but I am TOTALLY clueless as to where I begin... Looks like Reagan had lots of fun "helping"!