Saturday, April 26, 2008

12:00 and all is well

I'm back from my business trip. Although I actually had a great time, I missed my family terribly and I'm happy to be home. I want to go wake up the girls and hug them and talk to them. Before I left, I spent a lot of time cleaning the house, doing laundry and laying out outfits, scrubbing bottles, and most importantly making sure all necessary grocery supplies are on hand.

I came home to a organized, clean house with the children tucked into bed and Bill hanging out on the computer. I'm glad things went well; but secretly I had hoped a disaster similar to this would occur so that he'd experience some of my pain and validate that the disaster was due to Reagan being the common denominator, not that I was in charge. Is it wrong to wish such things on my poor, sweet husband? Never mind, don't answer that.

On another note, Reagan fell at school today. She was walking with a pail in front of her and tripped and fell. She gave herself a bloody nose and scraped up her face. Her outfit they sent home was just covered in blood. They said she was quite the champ though. They were amazed at what a tough girl she is. They said she picked herself up, touched her face, looked at her hands covered in blood, and shrugged it off. They were far more upset that she ever was.


LauraC said...

Ah yes, when I went to Phoenix for a week Jon said to me, "It's not as hard being on my own with the kids as you make it sound." Oooooo... I believe that comment is the reason I got diamond earrings for my birthday. ha ha! I'm sure a large part of his success was because you did all the prep work before you left!

MrsMoma said...

Aw, i'm glad you're home and all is well. I understand how you must have felt though.. well actually I don't, but I can imagine how i'd feel in the same situation.