Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend tidbits

I have some things from this weekend to post later, but I wanted to share a few Reagan tidbits from this weekend. We drove to Alabama for a family visit. My Dad and stepmom, Kerry, drove down from Wisconsin and we met them there so they could meet Bailey for the first time. We also got to see my grandparents and other family relatives. Good times were had by all.

Where are we?
When we arrived Friday night, it was late and Reagan had already been asleep. She was in a fog as we got her dressed for bed and laid her on her roll away in the hotel room. She didn't move the entire night. When morning came and she woke up, she sat up, looked around and said, "Mommy, where are we going?"

Anatomy of a bird and a bee
Reagan, ever the careful observer, noticed her cousin getting changed after swimming. Her cousin is four months older and a B-O-Y. As she watched him getting changed, she saw something not quite right on the landscape. She ran over, gave a honk, and said, "what's that?" His shocked mother yelled, "Bridget, Reagan has a question for you." Reagan came over, I looked at her and said, "Go ask your Daddy."

Yep, I handled that well. Next week when she asks where babies come from I've got it covered.

ETA: I was just over at Laura's blog. Apparently Alex could have answered Reagan's question this weekend. He did a much better job than I did.


Joanna said...

So, 2 years old is the transistion into awkward questions, is it? I'll take that as a warning.

Mountain Mom said...

LOL...I guess that is an advantage of having one of each. My kids have been taking baths together for so long now that they don't really notice the difference between them....yet. I give it another year or so before we have to stop saving water. :)

Blarney said...

Oh I hate these conversations! We have the 'how do babies get in there' talk pretty often ... I let Dad handle them. Obviously he loves them as much as I do seen as how my kids are 7 & 5 and still are wondering! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Deanna said...

K-man is only 6 months old and we're already trying to figure out how to field the birds and bees with him. I think handing that question off to Hubby is my favorite answer. :)

Angela said...

Too funny. Garrett was running around the rest area on the way home from Orlando yelling "pee pee, penis" because he managed to point his penis into the potty while peeing with daddy. Sigh. Here we go.

I love the tea cup pics--where ever did you find the cup???? They are beautiful!

-Bridget said...

Angela, the teacup is a planter from the garden section at Wal-Mart.

LauraC said...

That reminds me of when my niece was 6 years old (4 years ago) and was in a changing room with me. She said, "Aunt Laura, how come your breasts hang down and are all jiggly?" I said, " WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!" She said, "Mommy's breasts don't look like that, all jiggly."

So... my sister has implants. And apparently never told my 6 year old niece at the time.

Me in my infinite no-child wisdom said, "This is what real breasts look like. Your mom has fake breasts." Cut to my niece running out of the dressing room yelling at the top of her lungs, "Mommy do you have fake breasts?!"

In my defense, I did not want my niece growing up thinking implants are how women should look!

Elisa said...

LOL, go Reagan, what an observant girl ;-)

Michelle said...

Nice blog. Came from Mom Blog Network for Blog of the Day. I'll be back!

Jane @ Kidzarama said...


Do you mean she grabbed ahold of it to check?