Monday, June 2, 2008

Height predictor

I plugged Reagan's height and weight into a height predictor along with Bill and my heights. I should note that I am 5' 2" (if I stand up real straight and I'm having a poofy hair day) and Bill is 5' 11" (he claims that when he was in the army he was 6' but I think they must have measured him with his boots on, I'm not buying he shrunk a whole inch already).

And it appears Reagan will take after her mama. She is predicted to be a statuesque 5' 3". Sorry baby. I spent 30 minutes googling height predictors that would make her taller, but they all seem to be the same. Here's one if you are interested click here.

I'm going to dig up my baby book and plug in my height at age two and see what I was predicted to be.


LauraC said...

I also googled every height predictor out there and they all came back 5'10" for both Nate and Alex. Seriously what is the point of marrying someone 6'4" if you don't get tall children out of the deal????

My only hope is that Jon grew 6 inches in 3 months in high school. He was always average until that happened.

London said...

Hey, I think that 5'3" is the perfect height for a girl! Did I mention I'm 5'3"? Like I said, perfect. Don't feel bad, apparently Batman will only be 5'7".

Kandace said...


It said that I was going to be 5'4" and I turned out 5'8".

"Hi" found, not sure really! But thought I'd say "hi" anyway. I thought I was on themomblogs forum but not sure:)

Zoey's Mommy said...

So I just did this for Zoey, and when the results came up, I yelled at my hubby, "God dang! She's going to be half a foot taller than me!" I'm about 5'3 (yea for us shorties!) and DH is 6'2 and it predicted Zoey will be 5'9. Somehow it's just not fair!