Thursday, June 26, 2008

All alone with my screaming kids and guilty pleasures

I haven't even finished the road trip entries yet. Yes there was more to the story. But that will have to wait for now. About the time I got home after a terribly long week with the kids on the road trip to hell and back, Bill had to leave for a business trip. So as though I hadn't had enough quality time with my children I love so dearly, I am now by myself with them again.

Last night I worked until 1:30 am and had to get up at 6 so that I could get the kids to daycare and back in order to give a huge presentation first thing this morning. During that time Bailey woke up twice. I had one of those days that was so busy it was 2:00 before I could step away long enough to grab a granola bar, diet coke, and take a pee. Time to pick up the kids came all too soon and as luck would have it I once again found myself having to go to the grocery store by myself with the kids (darn my healthy milk drinker).

No, it wasn't anything on the level of disastrous proportions like the last time I attempted it. But to the woman that was in line behind me that just rolled her eyes and went to another checkout line when my kid dropped the milk on the floor--you are not a nice person. You saw I was pinned in by the giant green racing car cart and couldn't reach the milk. You saw I had one in a carrier crying and one pitching a fit because she dropped her milk. You could have at least picked up the milk while rolling your eyes and going to the next aisle, natch. It was dropped right at your feet. I have one word for you: KARMA.

Ok, I feel better.

Anyway, I've have a massive headache all day and the girls certainly didn't help things. Especially when they both took over an hour to go down. They both miss their Daddy terribly, as do I, and just cried and cried tonight. They are finally down. I've taken some migraine medicine and other than posting this blog I am doing one other thing before crashing for the night (and by night I mean three hours before Bailey wakes me up again). I am enjoying my guilty pleasure.

My guilty pleasure is ice cream. But not just any ice cream, Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It's my guilty pleasure not so much because of the calories (but yowsers there's a bunch!). It's my guilty pleasure because it's forbidden when Bill is here. Bill boycotts Ben and Jerry's for political reasons and I go with it when he's around. But when he's gone and I'm PMSing, stressed, and have a headache, all bets are off. I say ice cream has no politics. That little container of Chubby Hubby with the ribbon of peanut butter and the chocolate covered, peanut butter filled pretzels is nothing short of the best thing this side of heaven on a day like today. I am enjoying every bite of it. Then I'm going to go to bed and try to figure out where the hammers are coming from that are beating so fiercely on my head.

I told Bill by the time he got back I was checking into a hotel--and he wasn't coming. I was only half joking.


scargosun said...

Why do people do that in g-stores? If I see someone, anyone, with kids, without, that needs help, I just do it. If a Mom looks overwhelmed. I try to wave at the kids, get em to smile so they think about somehting else sore a sec. Why don't other people do that?
As for the B&J thing...I think your DH needs to give you a pass. I understand the political thing (and I'm pretty liberal!) but when you need that fix, YOU NEED IT!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow you so need a vacation by yourself! I hope that mean woman who rolled her eyes at you has some children some day ;o)

MomMega said...

Seriously, that chick that rolled her eyes? She just locked in two WILD boys for herself. Like you said, Karma.

Hmmmm...I had no idea that there was political issues with B&J...I do know that it is delicious, though. I hope you ate that whole carton, you deserve it!

Kandace said...

OMG! (((HUGS)))

ANd, yes, feel free to consume any ice cream you choose. Ice cream isn't a political statement, swear on my vote! I do know that chubby hubby sounds delightful.

And, yes, book a room at the W and order yourself a day at the spa followed by an evening alone.

Wow, that sounds delightful and it'll make you miss those Turkeys, all of them :)

Good luck!

P.S. Karma will kick that ladies butt from here to next week.

Joanna said...

Have you tried the B&J Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream yet? If not, it's well worth sneaking in behind your husband's political back.

LauraC said...

I'll lobby for Half Baked B&Js. Chocolate brownie ice cream AND cookie dough ice cream in one container?! Best thing ever.

Sorry to hear you've had a rough week. Having a traveling husband is hard. It seems like the kiddos always know when dad is gone and act up even more. I can't tell you how many nights I've had to listen to bedtime crying that wouldn't end because there was just one of me and two of them.

Boo. If you don't get that hotel night, I hope you at least get some Calgon.

Heather said...

I like Blue Bell...any flavor is fine with me, just so it's Blue Bell.

Melissa said...

I stick with Publix, Chocolate Almond Ice Cream. More bang for the buck.
I can so relate. Three of my own and one I watch during the week. Publix loves to see me grace them with OUR presence.

Tracy P. said...

Wouldn't it be great if, when you ate "Chubby Hubby", the calories magically transferred to your husband? :-)

M said...

You make the reservations and I'm right there with ya!!

I'll bring the Ben & Jerry's :)

Miss V. said...

sounds like a typical day at MY house!

try Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream- its to die for!

Michelle said...

I think you need to book your appointment for a massage when Bill gets back!

I find it ironic that the ice cream flavor you prefer for the brand your husband protests is named chubby hubby. Tee hee!

angie said...

My guilty pleasures are called creamies and can only be purchased in Utah. Hence, when I go there I eat WAY to many.....they are like popsicles made with cream. Hope your day was better?

Anonymous said...

"ice cream has no politics"
Seriously. Why must ice cream become complicated? I love Ben and Jerry's HALF BAKED. I still love it even though I'm no longer a teenager and no longer in the same state as the flavor's title. :)

Janet said...

Yeah that lady probably deserves to be kicked or something. Geez, it wouldn't kill her to help! Yay for your guilty pleasure though. You deserve it! I'm sorry things are so stressful. Hope you get some rest soon.

Jen said...

Ben and Jerry's is my favorite guilty pleasure too. Right now I have 3 pints hidden in our second freezer. It was on sale and rather than buying some for my husband I bought it all for me and hid it. So when the kids are napping I spend time with my two favorite men who always lift my spirits. Thank goodness for Ben and Jerry's. I don't ever look at the calories. I know it a lot but I don't care!