Sunday, July 27, 2008


Poor Reagan! After all that laundry that my sister and I did recently, it turns out that Reagan was allergic to the detergent. Last night she slept in a tank top that had been washed in the detergent and this morning she was covered in hives anywhere the tank top had contact with her skin. Since I don't know what got washed in it and what didn't, I've now got to go rewash ALL of her laundry! Argh!

Some other random notes:
We went shopping today for a few things to finish my closet and Bailey's room. Wouldn't you know Ikea was out of what I wanted? As soon as that stuff comes in I'll post pictures of both the room and the closets. For the first time ever, I'll debut pictures of neat and organized closets.

I finally talked Bill into replacing our bed and dresser. I've always hated that furniture, mostly because I didn't pick it. It's left over from before we met. So today I drag him to every furniture store in town and I can't find a bed I like. Figures. But now I'm on a mission, preferably before he changes his mind. Anyone have a awesomely cool suggestion for a king size bed?

Bailey's sick with a cold. She's been having a terrible time at night and she's been getting lots of showers to let the steam work on her nose and chest. Between her cold and Reagan's hives it will be a miracle if the daycare lets both girls stay the day tomorrow.


Joanna said...

Oh no, I can't believe that you have to rewash all of Reagan's clothes. What a nightmare.

I hope the hives improved when she took the shirt off, and that she doesn't have any lingering itchiness.

Beth said...

I sympathize with all of you--Reagan for her hives, Bailey for her cold, and you for having to do all that laundry over again! William never had sensitive skin, but Seth does, so I switched to Tide free and clear, and the free and clear dryer sheets, too. Bummer--I love laundry that smells good!

Mama Mia said...

UGH about the clothes...that if laundry isn't bad enought the first time!

Jen said...

Oh sick kids are the worst. I hope that they have a speedy recovery.

Deanna said...

What laundry detergent is it?

We have to use the dye free, perfume free stuff on K-man due to his eczema. I've settled on Seventh Generation. Dreft has way too much perfume for him.

Tara said...