Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Changing Times

We recently made a decision to change schools with the girls. We've loved where they have been but we haven't loved the hefty monthly bill and the long commute. So the girls have started at a new school that is just minutes from the house. So far, they are quite happy and that makes us happy.

Reagan's favorite part about her new school? She doesn't have to wear uniforms anymore. She's been picking out her clothes every morning and loves the opportunity to do so.

Here are the girls in their last day of uniforms. Here's to new schools, new friends, and new memories.


Amanda said...

BOTH of your daughters are simply gorgeous!!

Steph said...

They have their own individual style even in uniforms! We saved a ton on preschool by moving from MA to TN, its about half what we used to pay and I like his new school better!

francis said...

WOW-Great blogsite!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed the pictures- thanks for brightening my day ! Francis

Julie said...

Its great to see your girls after so much time--they are so beautiful!