Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All about Reagan, Part V: The Third Trimester

Part I: Introduction
Part II: Conception
Part III: The First Trimester
Part IV: The Second Trimester

By the time I hit my third trimester, I think I finally started to relax a little. I could feel Reagan kicking like crazy and I had plenty of appointments to assure me everything was ok. I had a beautiful shower hosted by my friends Cristie and Shiela and everything was good.

Some pictures from the shower:

I should mention, the women on my mom's side have a history of medically necessary csections. We don't go into labor and even when forced by two days of pitocin, we don't dialate (my sister, Tara, can tell you all about that fun without an epidural). Even after evicition notices have been formally served to our babies, they still refuse to come out without the coaxing of surgically removing them.

So I wasn't worried about pre-term labor and knew I was probably going to have to have a csection too. I was prepared for that. My OB didn't want me to go later than 38 weeks, not because of fear of a huge baby, but because there is a much higher chance of having a stillborn baby for a diabetic when they get closer to full term. We scheduled the day; I actually put it into my Microsoft Project plan and worked everything backwards from there. I was leaving my job after the baby and wanted to leave everything wrapped up in a pretty bow and now I knew my date to work from. I was pretty excited that there was finally something in this pregnancy I seemed to have a little control over. I knew when she would arrive.

But then things like high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, round ligament pain, ongoing morning sickness, and finally preeclampsia set in and I was reminded I'm not in charge or control of anything, including the date. I was put on complete bed rest. I was allowed to get up every few hours to pee. Otherwise I had to be flat in bed. I continued to work with my headset on and my laptop balancing on my belly. Reagan protested my working by continuing to kick my laptop hard enough that she would often knock it off my belly altogether. I was glad I had taken care of the nursery and many of the details early enough so that I wasn't quite so worried about being on bedrest. I was just bored. Occasionally when I couldn't take the boredom anymore Bill would take me to the mall or to Babies-R-Us for a short trip in a wheel chair. It would be the highlight of my week.

Here are some pictures of Reagan's nursery. We actually moved again before it was all complete, but I had it mostly finished.

When I would go in for my appointments, I was monitored for my preeclampsia. It was remaining mild enough that as long as I laid completely flat, my blood pressure would stay ok and my protein levels weren't going too terribly high. I was swelling like crazy though. In one week I had gained over 10 lbs. I think it all went to my hands and feet. My OB warned me that there would probably be a time very soon when they would have to admit me for the preeclampsia and I would remain there until I had the baby.

I would also do a non-stress test (NST) several times a week. They would hook me up to a monitor to see if I was having any contractions and to see how Reagan responded. They would also do an ultrasound where they look for very specific things like fine and gross motor movement, fluid levels, etc. and come up with a total score. Reagan always did fine on the ultrasound, but the NSTs always took forever. She never really wanted to cooperate, bu eventually they would find the results they wanted and I was good for another few days.

This pattern continued for several weeks until I hit 36 weeks. I had gone into yet another appointment expecting to go home like I did every other time. At the worst, I figured I would finally be admitted to the hospital and have to ride it out there another few weeks. Never did I expect to go to a doctor's appointment feeling good, having no trouble, only to be told, "you're going to have a baby today, we'll be scheduling the surgery within the hour..."

To be continued...


Michelle said...

Ok, may I just say that you have the most gorgeous nursery that I've ever seen? And I truly mean that. Beautiful. I love the mantle and the Cinderella carriage bed and the dried flowers and the color scheme. It totally puts me to shame.

I can understand the boredom factor. And I'm intrigued that you knew you weren't going back and had everything done before you left (or planned to!). Were you at least planning to get paid for your maternity leave or quit when Reagan came?

Can't wait for the next (last?) installment!

Joanna said...

I love the idea of Reagan kicking your laptop off your lap. There you are, laying in bed, being restricted to almost no movement, and she was having a wild party the entire time.

I'm completely hooked your story, and have been looking forward to each installment. Thank you for sharing this with us.

-Bridget said...

Michelle, my office was in New York City. Since I didn't want to travel after I had the baby, I was told I had to move to NYC or lose my job. They gave me four weeks severance, which was about equal to what I would have gotten in maternity pay (they would have only paid 50% leave).

Deanna said...

Oh, I want that Cinderella carriage bed for myself! Too precious!

I am hooked on Reagan's story too. Don't wait too long for the next installment O.K.?

samara said...

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Zoey's Mommy said...

You really know how to leave us hanging don't you?!?! LOL! But seriously, I love reading your blogs. They are great. I'm so not jealous of the bedrest though. I can't even imagine how crazy I'd go! BTW, I LOOOOOOVE your pictures! Reagan's room is so gorgeous! And you are even so much more beautiful while pregnant! Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories! :)

Janet said...

I seriously love that nursery. Especially her letters above the crib. And may I just say I love this story you are telling. I know you have been through a lot of hard things, but it is really neat to hear all about how Reagan came about. I am seriously gripping the edge of my seat ever time I read more! Thanks so much for sharing all of this personal stuff with us!

Jen said...

I really an enjoying this series. I can't wait to here what happens next.

Julie said...

Ok, can I say that you had a miserable pregnancy? How on earth did you stay so positive? Or find the time and energy to make such an idyllic nursery? WOW, I am very impressed! Lana's nursery was pretty boring and I was just a little nauseous during my pregnancy and I was a miserable witch!

Kelly Deneen said...

The nursery is amazing! Holy moly! But YUCK on the bedrest - how terrible.

*jess* said...

i seriously want to live in that room! amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!!

Summer Saldana said...

Seriously...that nursery!!! Can you come and do mine??? How did you come up with that??? I'm so in awe!