Friday, May 16, 2008

Reagan tidbits

The big sister
Reagan has been a great big sister. She has little to no jealousy. She mostly looks at Bailey as a living baby doll. When Bailey cries Reagan says, "I'm coming Bailey!" and starts running for her. Reagan loves to lightly pinch her cheek and say, "Hi Bailey!" The other day Reagan was supposed to be in our room while we were getting ready. She escaped. We didn't realize that until on Bailey's monitor we hear, "Hi Bailey! Good morning, good morning!" We weren't all that thrilled that she woke Bailey up, but how can you be upset with her when she's being that cute?

Happy Birthday to anyone
Two weeks later and Reagan is still all about her birthday (or any one's for that matter). Anything that reminds her of her birthday she says, "It's MY birthday!" and will start singing Happy Birthday to herself. Yesterday she brought in a shopping bag to me that she had filled with various items and stuffed with some paper. She brought it in and said, "Happy Birthday Mommy!" and began singing Happy Birthday to me while pulling things one by one out of the bag and handing them to me.
At least she has manners
Despite being very curious and sometimes over active, she's at least very polite. She always uses please, thank you, sorry, and you're welcome. When we were in church for the wedding last weekend she was digging around in a foil potato chip bag making all kinds of noise (I told Bill to get a snack from the hotel shop. He clearly wasn't thinking of the noise or mess factor and I clearly should have been more specific- "get a pack of peanut butter or cheese crackers."). I took the bag from her and tried to quietly take out a chip and hand it to her. Despite my efforts to be quiet in digging out a chip, once I handed it to her she shouted, "THANK YOU MOMMY!" much to the giggles of the bridal party and everyone for several pews. We need to work on the "indoor voice" concept more.

Swimming Lessons
Reagan has been taking swimming lessons daily with ISR for several weeks now. When she gets tired you can tell because the instructor will say something like, "Ok, lets float on your back and count to three." and Reagan will immediately jump to saying, "THREE!" and then she bounces up and says, "yeaaaaa!" and starts clapping for herself.

Reagan has been talking up a storm. She's been a good talker for a while but just in the last week she seems like she's talking in bigger sentences (5-7 word average instead of occasionally) and holding entire conversations just like a little adult. Some of my favorite phrases she uses, just because she sounds so darn cute when she says them:
Awwww maaan! (just like Dora's Swiper the fox)
Oh goodness!
Oh my!
Oh boy!
No way!

Some of my less favorite phrases she uses:
Stop it!
No, no shoes on!
Yep (We've since replaced that with "yes ma'am" and "yes sir." We DO live in the south after all.)


Mama Mia said...

B says yup too, and we can't stand it..i wonder if he got it from us..hmmm

Dawn said...

How cute my oldest loves birthdays too he's always putting toys and stuff in box and giving them to me as gifts for my birthday. lol. Reading about Reagan makes me just wanna hug her and pinch her cheeks.

Anonymous said...

I have a 4 month old and he gets "loved" by his big brother all the time, LOL

Angela said...

Too cute, I love the bit about Happy Birthday Mommy! Sounds like R and G would get along way too well (or butt heads like mad) because they are up to a lot of the same things!

Julie said...

At least yup is agreeable. Lana says nope--for everything! She also says Oh Man! These kids are too cute!

Zoey's Mommy said...

I just love the cute things our kids say! Zoey says so many funny things these days. One of the cutest things is when she's upset and starts crying, she'll come running up to me and say, "Mama, I'm crying!".