Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mmmmmm....single grain organic whole oatmeal cereal with DHA added

Or the subtitle...Method #1117 to torture your child

Now that Bailey is four months old, we tried cereal for the first time. She wasn't impressed. Her first few bites she just held it in her mouth for the longest time, not knowing what to do with it. We tried the bottle to get her to wash it down and I think she squealed louder then when I give her the nasty peppermint-grape zantac.

Not being the parents to give up too easily we tried again. Who knew she could arch her back so well? She's been hiding some moves all along.

Look at all the drama in that baby. And here we thought she'd be the quiet, laid back one. She's destined for the stage I tell ya.
Yeah, I think we'll shelve the cereal for just a bit yet.


Steph said...

Ahh, the arched back maneuver- she must have been silently learning from Reagan??

MrsMoma said...

Aw poor kiddos, that stuff does look awful!

Sandi said...

Classic! What an awesome shot - it says sooo much! I probably would have done the same :o).