Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I like to think I am a woman of technology. I spend much of my life on a computer. I can stop a DVD from blinking "12:00" in 20 seconds or less (yeah, I wanted to use "VCR" instead of "DVD" here but I'll stop myself, being a woman of the times and all). I can TXT U on my l33t phone (call me LTR). I can use the navigation system in my car to get me anywhere fast. And yet when it comes to blogs, MySpace, and the Facebook, I've been conspicuously absent. Until now.

I've finally decided it is time to get with the times and get me a blog thingy. I need an outlet to share on my crazy life with two under two. I could use a place to record the life of my family. And it's about time I find a use for the 5,000+ pictures filling my hard drive with no place to go.

I'm not sure where this is going yet, or how often I'll post. But I do know that I have much to write about in my life and my ongoing quest for finding a work/life balance with two young children and a busy career. So, that is what this blog is about for me, it is finding and keeping my equilibrium and allowing you to share in the evolving process.


Beth said...

I look forward to reading more Bridget! We have lots in common. (Except my second isn't due until the end of April!) I love my blog and have found it so useful in so many ways--mostly keeping track of milestones and moments and all the things I never had time to "document" before. Somehow, a blog--even with a small audience--keeps me motivated! Have fun and happy blogging!

LauraC said...

Crap! Beth beat me to the first ever comment!!!

I look forward to reading your thoughts. Oh and seeing lots of cute pics of two little girls.

Cletus said...

Hey Bridget Its stephanie (Konnors mommy) from Baby Center. I look foreward to reading more! My blog is bradenbunch@blogspot.com

cmscrapmom4 said...

Hey, Bridget! I love you! It's so great to see someone else in the family finally catching up to what my life has been like for so long. I feel your pain, honey! Call me any time. TTYL :o)