Tuesday, February 19, 2008

That Sisterly Bond

"Big sisters are the crabgrass in the lawn of life"
- Charles M. Schulz
Oh wait, I'm a big sister. Well, I have a few sisters that probably sang this as their mantra for many years. As of now though, many are asking me how Reagan is doing with Bailey. The answer is she is doing pretty well. We really don't have any jealousy issues. Instead we have the big sister puppy dog that doesn't know her own strength. She wants so badly to be the little mother and to be involved. And we try to involve her to the extent you can any 21 month old...with extreme caution.

Reagan loves to give Bailey kisses. Many, many kisses while crushing her in the process. Reagan likes to climb up to see Bailey in the bassinet to see if she is sleeping. She will carefully pull back the blanket and if she sees closed eyes, she puts the blanket back...over her whole head... suffocating her in the process. Reagan has taken to sitting in her chair and feeding her own baby her toy bottle when she sees me feeding Bailey. But when it comes to burping, Reagan wants to help me. She pats Bailey on the back with the gusto that would knock the wind out of Payton Manning.

But I remind myself that she just wants to be included, she just wants to help, and she just wants to be loved like this new little intruder. Reagan is doing a fantastic job being the big sister. I just wonder if Bailey will agree a few years from now.


Fullerton Family said...

Hey Bridget, it's Kimberly from BBC. Your girls are so adorable! And I know what you mean about the "little mommies"~ good thing babies are tough, huh? You can see my blog at fullertonfamily4.blogspot.com (or just click on my name, I think!)

Beth said...

That's so sweet Bridget! I can only hope that William wants to be "helpful" when our new baby arrives. Time will tell! In the meantime, keep capturing those adorable pictures. Your girls are precious!

Lynn Donald said...

I know another sweet,little girl that was "helpful" to her baby sister about 32 years ago! I'm glad to see it still continues! You make me laugh! It's deja vu!