Saturday, February 28, 2009

Master of Manipulation

Reagan has long known how to work it to get out of trouble or to get what she wants. I have to admit to having been duped by a two year old many times. Here are some of her more recent attempts:

Last night in the car she got a package of fruit snacks. She was supposed to have shared with Bailey but scarfed them all down before she even handed the first one to her. When I heard Bailey mad, I told Reagan, "Reagan, give Bailey a fruit snack." Reagan said, "They are all gone." I shot her an evil eye. Then the dialog continues:

Reagan: I didn't give Bailey any fruit snack.
Me: I know
Reagan: Mom, I didn't give Bailey any fruit snack.
Me: Ok.
Reagan: Can you give me some fruit snack so I can give some to Bailey?
Me: Think I'm going to fall for that trick a fifth time?

Earlier in the week when Bill told Reagan to give Bailey a fruit snack, Reagan took the whole pack and shoved all of them in her mouth at once. She had fruit snacks falling out of her mouth while she said, "they are all gone" and holds up the empty package.

Then, this morning, Reagan acted out and I put her into timeout. She walked into the corner and stood there for about two seconds then turned around:

Reagan: I'm sorry momma (she starts to walk away to go play)
Me: Thank you for your apology, but you are still in timeout
Reagan: (fussing as she goes back into the corner, pause, pause, turns around)
Reagan: Momma, I need to come tell you something
Me: You can tell me when you are done with timeout. Turn around.
Reagan: Momma, may I come tell you something?
Me: What do you need to tell me?
Reagan: I need to tell you I'm sorry
Me: Ok, thank you
Reagan: May I go play now?
Me: No, you are still in timeout

I hope Bailey doesn't learn all of these tricks this early.


LauraC said...

We had to set up a "no talking, no eye contact" rule in timeout bc Nate is sneaky like this too. He'll even convince Alex to go along with his schemes, which is dangerous (but also endlessly entertaining).

Rebecca said...

OOOO....she is a smarty pants!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

LOL she's a smart little cookie! Love the stuffing them all in her mouth and saying they are all gone lol.

Michelle said...

Good luck. and ummmm not speaking from personal experience or anything, but if Reagan is that sneaky now, you're in for some real fun with Bailey ;)

Joanna said...

Ah yes, the cognitive development that they fail to mention on milestone charts. I just got the "I'm sorry" approach to getting out of time out tonight. Little stinkers.

It's a pain now, but it's a great trait for the business world.

Kelly Deneen said...

Augh! She sounds adorable and too smart for her own good (and yours). I can already tell that I have one of those on my hands too. hehe.

the girls of gt said...

Gotta love those little attitudes. So cute and yet so frustrating! ;)